Bret Barnhart Excavating is a Native American owned excavation company located just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The Barnhart’s have been in the excavation business for over 75 years.  Bret Jr., is the 4th generation Barnhart to own is own excavating company.  Bret’s great-grandfather Herb Barnhart started his company in the 1930’s with mules and slips.  A few years later, Herb saw his first motor powered dozer, bought out the company that owned it, and the Barnhart Excavating legacy began.  In the years that followed, Bret’s grandfather, father, and uncle all started their own companies and still continue to work today.

Bret Barnhart Excavating was established in 2002 by Bret Jr., and has continued to grow and expand in Northeastern Oklahoma.  Our company specialized in Earthwork, Utility installation, and Government Contracting.  We use the latest GPS technology to complete our jobs with accuracy and efficiency.  We strive to ensure all business and personal decisions made by owners and employees will accomplish long term positive outcomes.  We are proud and extremely honored to continue the remarkable legacy created by the Barnhart family.

We are committed to maintaining these cores values in all areas of business:

  • Generational Excellence: to continue the legacy created by the Barnhart family
  • No Regrets: all business and personal decisions made by owners and employees will accomplish long term positive outcomes
  • Financial Stability: to have the finances that will always carry us through any obstacle
  • Straightforward Communication: honesty, responsibility, awareness, and transparency in all relationships

Generational Excellence    •    No Regrets    •    Financial Stability    •    Straightforward Communication

Company Certifications 

  1. City of Tulsa IDP 
  2. City of Tulsa Small and Large Meter 
  3. City of Tulsa Street Repair 
  4. City of Tulsa Right of Way 
  5. City of Tulsa C&D 
  6. City of Jenks Meter Contractor 
  7. City of Sand Springs Meter Contractor 
  8. City of Tulsa SBE 
  9. Cherokee Nation Tero  
  10. Muscogee Creek Nation, CESO 
  11. ODOT DBE